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CSR Commitment

Fully involved in the life of Siem Reap, the Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa is attached to reduce its environmental impact and to develop a strong CSR policy, to improve the working conditions of its employees and create a positive impact on the local communities.

“Green vision”
Through its sustainable development policy, the Victoria Angkor aims to reduce its impact:

  • By taking part in the “Refill not Landfill” operation, or through the use of different solutions like glass bottles or bamboo straws, the hotel works for the reduction of its plastic consumption,
  • Attached to offer the best products to the guests, the Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa choses local and organic products, when possible. The hotel works with suppliers like Happy & Co farm, using hydroponic methods for its vegetables, or companies using local and natural products, for its Spa oils and creams as well as
  • its cleaning products, pest control and gardening products.
  • Taking care of the magnificent Royal Garden is one of our priorities. Through the lightning of the Sacred Tree, the renovation of the pounds, and the regular cleaning of the park, as well as the installation of garbage bins, we wish to make it an ideal and central place for the people of Siem Reap. The Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa is also the founder and organiser of the Keep Siem Reap Clean operation, an annual cleaning day of the Royal Garden and the riverbanks, in partnership with different schools of the city
  • The energy efficiency of the hotel is one of our main challenges. We are constantly finding solutions to reduce our consumption of electricity while keeping the best comfort for our guests, through the use of LED bulbs, the installation of solar lamps in our entire garden, rooms isolation, but also an efficient use of our laundry and kitchen equipment, as well as a better control of our A/C systems. The installation of solar panel on the roofs is also being studied, to improve the energetic autonomy of the resort.

Local communities

Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa is also willing to have a positive impact on the local communities:

  • By selling almost only “made in Cambodia” products in our Boutique, we try to encourage the local arts and crafts.
  • We work closely with ConCERT, a foundation made to create a contact between volunteers and local NGO. We work with them for the donation of our old supplies, such as linen, equipment or uniforms that are no longer compatible with our standards.
  • Believing that the first step of any action is awareness, we train our teams to learn about children safety, sustainable development and health and hygiene behaviour.
  • The Victoria Angkor is also becoming a place of exposition for the local and talented artists of Siem Reap, to highlight their talent and creations
  • We work closely with social schools such as Sala Baï School, Egbok Mission or Bayon Pastry School, who train young people from poor family to work in hospitality.

Our CSR policy is also meant to be a policy for our staff. We strive to create a positive work environment for them, with regular trainings, incentive and opportunity to evolve in their department, or to get trained to work in another one. Through the creation of committees crossing all the departments, working closely with Human Resources, we are able to create activities and find new solutions. Trainings in cooperation with a specialized doctor about Woman Health Awareness is also conducted, in order to increase our feminine staff awareness about their daily concerns